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Tianjin HSXY Co.,Ltd.


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Hesheng International Plaza Tianjin Tianjin China

Hot products

  • Fischer Tropsch Wax Synthesis Wax 105 FT Wax
  • Wax for hotmelt adhesive Fischer Tropsch Wax Synthesis Wax
  • Industrial Vaseline Industrial Petroleum Jelly
  • Wax for Wood Powder Paraffin Wax
  • Cosmetic Beeswax Organic White Beeswax Natural Beeswax
  • Powder Paraffin Wax 52 Paraffin Wax for Candle
  • Powder Paraffin Wax 73 Paraffin Wax High Melting Point
  • Oxidized High Density Homo polyethylene Wax OPE Wax
  • Micronized Wax powder
  • Fischer Tropsch Wax Synthesis Wax 70 FT Wax
  • Oxidized Low Density Homo polyethylene Wax OPE Wax
  • Medical Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Cosmetic Vaseline Pharmacy
  • Fischer Tropsch Wax Synthesis Wax 100 FT Wax
  • Microcrystalline Wax Slack Wax
  • Microcrystalline Wax Mineral Wax
Tianjin HengShengXinYuan International trade Co.,Ltd (hereafter briefed as "HSXY") was formed in 2010, with head office in Tianjin port, China. Weve been professionally serving high quality wax to customers home and abroad. HSXY have owned wax factory in China and can supply more stable quality fischer tropsch wax & OPE wax with the competitive price. Our major products include : 1.Fischer tropsch wax 2.Micro crystalline wax 3.Oxidized high density homo polyethylene wax 4.Paraffin wax We also can do OEM business. Apart from the good quality products with competitive price, HSXY also provides: - Excellent and professional service by experienced team members; - Rich knowledge on both global and domestic wax market; - Up-to-date information on market changes; - Loyal partnership for mutual potential benefits; HSXY, your reliable and loyal partner in the field of wax.
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