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Supply Wire meshes\French guar

Features Specifications:Supply Wire meshes\French guar

The French barrier products are weatherability ultra powder coatings, with excellent ability to resist ultraviolet light high humidity environmental perfmance ,excellent heat resistance crosion resistance. French guard-rails have diverse product specifications, cols, different design . its link to connect the fence to ensure the integrity of connections, as well as safety aesthetics to meet the dual needs. This product is applicable to all types of industrial sites, the external sect Wai. French barrier will become a highlight of decation, its new image better contrast the perfect design of the construction quality elegant luxury of the tastes. This product can provide ten years of quality assurance.

Company Information

Guangzhou Orange Architecture Material Co., Ltd Sales

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Trading
  • Phone:86-020-82241592
  • Contact:LinXijuan(Other)
  • Last Active:01 June 2010

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