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Sodium alginate Textile grade

Features Specifications:Sodium alginate Textile grade

Name of product Sodium Alginate
Alginate is widely used as a printing thickener agent in textile dyeing printing industries, affects the dyeing reaction makes the product outline clear, col bright, feeling smooth. This agent is also suitable f cotton, wool, silk synthetic fibre.
In other industries
a) Papermaking starching
b) Coating f welded electrodes, resin coating, rubber ointment, battery separation layers, water treatment
c) Artificial fiber can be synthesized with asbestos fibers
The viscosity include 200-300cps, 300-500cps, 500-800cps.
Size 30-200Mesh
PH value7-7.5
Water15 Max
Calcium0.3 Max

Company Information

Qingdao Zhouji Chemicals Co. Ltd. Import/Export

  • Country/Region:China
  • Business Nature:Manufacturing
  • Phone:86-0532-87665337
  • Contact:KersonLin(Other)
  • Last Active:02 July 2010

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